Posted on: July 9, 2010 5:06 pm

Why "The Three Amigos" Are In Florida....

LeBron James may have been talked into The Stupid Sendoff Show but this is the real reasons business people and athletes have an incentive to leave....

Examine the State Tax Rates involved: 
Hawaii 11.0% (no Pro teams, obviously, ever.)    
California  10.55%  (What can I say, it's sexy here.)
New Jersey  8.97%   (What are you doing in New Jersey, anyway?)
New York   7.85%   (The Big Apple?  No, the whole freakin' State.  Talk about a miss-match under the basket.) NY has City tax too.
Ohio  5.925%  (I am sure with time Lebron James could have received an exemption from The Governor.  He should have LLC.)
Oklahoma  5.5%  (Seems kind of stupid to charge people to live there, doesn't it?) 
Illinois  3%  (Rust Belt and Union Unemployed subsidy costs money baby.)
Texas  Zero  (See smart former Oklahoma residents, above.)
Florida  Zero  (First Day: Rain.  Second Day:  Hot, Humid,  Third Day:  Nice Weather then back to First Day.)  (Now see CA, NJ, NY and ask the residents if they were born in Florida or not.  "Not!")


Arnold has had plenty of time.  oNly a revolution at the Polling Booth will change this.
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